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Explore and discover the planet without leaving home.

Google Earth Pro is a powerful free geographic software with which it is possible to explore the Earth like you never imagined. The enhanced version of Google Earth immerses you in a virtual globe created thanks to high-quality cartographic data and satellite images. With unlimited level of detail and stunning 3D effect, the whole planet is at your fingertips, so you can travel, explore almost inaccessible areas of the planet, calculate distances, or simply be amazed by valleys, mountains, buildings, and even volcanoes from all over the planet. That is why it is an essential app for every curious mind seeking to know and discover the farthest corners of our home.

What is the difference between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro includes interesting improvements compared to its simplified version. Among them, we find the possibility to create HD videos of a trip, perform 3D measurements of all kinds of structures, as well as print higher resolution images (4800 pixels compared to the 1000 of its standard edition).

What can you do with Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro has a myriad of tools that will delight any curious mind looking to learn a little more about our planet. These are the main functions of Google's geographic software app:

  1. Image and map visualization- Google Earth Pro allows you to navigate, explore, and observe in detail any corner of the planet. From it, you will have access to a myriad of satellite images, aerial photographs, as well as 2D and 3D maps.
  2. Intuitive interface- As is customary in Mountain View's company products, Google Earth Pro has a clear and simple interface. From it, you can easily scroll, zoom, and explore the planet.
  3. Historical images- If you are a history enthusiast, you will be glad to know that Google Earth Pro has a library of images showing the changes and evolution of each area of the planet.
  4. Measurement tools- Analyze the area, radius, and length of any area or building on the planet easily from the same app.
  5. 3D images- Experience the planet like never before thanks to the surprising 3D effects and relief of the application.
  6. Geographic Information System (GIS)- Google Earth Pro has advanced GIS options, allowing you to import geographic data from other applications, add layers of information, and perform analysis of geographic areas.
  7. Creation of tours and custom videos- If you are planning a trip, you will be glad to know that Google Earth Pro allows you to create interactive tours, as well as generate interesting videos that you can download from the application.
  8. Import and export geospatial data- Google Earth Pro offers the possibility to import and export geospatial data in KMZ or KML formats, facilitating online collaboration.
  9. Multi-platform- Google Earth Pro is compatible with computers running Windows, Linux, or MacOS operating systems.

How to download Google Earth Pro for free

Although Google Earth Pro was originally a paid service for businesses, it is now completely free. To download it, simply access the Google Earth portal, accept the privacy policy of the service, and download the application at no cost.

Travel the world without leaving home

Google Earth Pro is an exceptional free app that allows you to explore any corner of the planet from the comfort of your computer. Whether it's for planning a trip, doing research, completing a project, or simply satisfying your curiosity, Google's geographic software will not disappoint you. Its high-quality images and stunning 3D visuals are just a taste of the full potential you can enjoy after downloading it. You won't be disappointed.

It’s a globe that sits inside your PC. You point and zoom to anyplace on the planet that you want to explore. Satellite images and local facts zoom into view.

Tap into Google search to show local points of interest and facts. Zoom to a specific address to check out an apartment or hotel. View driving directions and even fly along your route.


  • Geographical data and HD satellite images
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • It allows creating custom tours and videos.
  • Advanced measurement and analysis tools
  • Surprising images in relief


  • If you have an old computer, you may experience some lag.

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Google Earth Pro for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 7.3.6
  • 4.2

  • Security Status

User reviews about Google Earth Pro

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    by Madan Suryawanshi

    is it use to my every geographical problems..
    we will use various type maps of map ,but there don't have updates ..
    sp we will prefer on Goo More

  • Kandukuri Sanjeevam

    by Kandukuri Sanjeevam


  • lal chand

    by lal chand

    I have need it because of Profession. In my profession distal mapping is required so I am very interested to gain fully knowledge.

  • Sharad Mistry

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    Thank You Team GoogleEarth
    Google Earth is possibly the only freely available simulated technology for common man and his girlfriend to Ex More

  • Vinnel Moc-eng

    by Vinnel Moc-eng

    A reliable resources in a studies and researches.
    Brings you to places anytime

  • Ashwani Lochan

    by Ashwani Lochan

    I was exploring the location of Arunachal University of Studies at Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh. The image shown are very old and not of much use.


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